A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

The tarantula hawk is a bastard of a wasp that can paralyze a tarantula, then lay eggs in the body so the forthcoming larvae can consume it. It's gross and amazing.

Combining this idea with other influences (R-Type, U.N. Squadron, Einhander, etc.), I made a side-scrolling shooting game where the best tactic is to paralyze enemies and turn their weapons against them. 

Currently the download is a single-level demo, but there could be a more substantial product down the road...

There are several canned game pad configurations that should do the job. With a dual analog pad, you can rotate the turret optionally with shoulder buttons or the right stick in a twin-stick manner if you like, as the latter will also shoot.  The right stick isn't required; Type E or F is probably best for a typical arcade stick layout if you prefer. 

You can view keyboard controls under Options => Keyboard.

Thanks to Mark Statkus for the killer tunes, Kevin Lane for creating the title image all that time ago, and Jason Flannery for additional art and feedback!


THawkDemo.zip 24 MB
THawkDemoOSX.zip 28 MB


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I approve of this game.

Nice game it has good mechanics and a great system plus good and smooth weapons and attacks my only problem with is that it's controls are for controllers and i'm using a keyboard please fix this OK, it's kinda confusing.

P.S. Mr. Yocum sent me

I also agree it looks like a fun game but sadly I cant play on the laptop thanks to lack of controls for the keyboard hope you fix this !!!.
By the way Mr. Yocum also sent me .      :)

Keyboard is supported.  WASD / arrows to navigate from title to OPTIONS -> KEYBOARD to view the key commands. Hope this helps. Thanks for checking it out.